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Acoustic Guitar Magazine May/June 2019 Issue Preview

**This issue will receive bonus distribution at Merlefest, Sweetwater Gearfest, and Artisan Guitar Show** Special Focus: Western Swing! From Hank Thompson to Speedy West to Bob Wilis and his Texas Playboys, Whit Smith takes an insider’s look at the development of Western Swing, with an emphasis on the key originators, the gear, and the keepers […]

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Jan 0

Drum Magazine Spring 2019 Issue Preview

  **This issue will receive bonus distribution at the Connecticut Drum Show** On the Cover: Todd Sucherman For the past 24 years, Todd Sucherman has been the powerhouse behind the kit for Styx. He’s also a highly popular clinician and creator of two of the most well-respected educational DVDs, Methods And Mechanics I and II. In […]

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Dec 1
Dec 1

Strings Magazine March/April 2019 Issue Preview

**This issue will receive bonus distribution at ASTA** Special Focus: Summer Adventures Strings Scene in Cuba City Guide: London City  Guide: Montreal   Features & Departments Competitions What’s in the Case: Bassist Robert Black Tales of the Trade: Adam Pelzer Your Instrument: Shoulder Rests On My Music Stand: Fischer Duo Rep Prep: Lalo’s Cello Concerto Stage […]

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Acoustic Guitar Magazine March/April 2019 Issue Preview

Special Focus: Recording and Marketing Yourself In this two-part special section, AG experts share strategies for getting your music out of your head and into the ears and hands of others. Includes a guide to recording yourself at a variety of price points, with attention to gear and techniques, as well a primer on self-marketing, […]

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