[pullquote width=”250″ float=”left”]”Act on it, Assign it, or Dump it.” – John D’Addario[/pullquote]One of the highlights for me at the NAMM show was attending a talk given by Frank Alkyer as part of an event put on by NAMM Young Professionals. In it, Alkyer recounted a visit to John D’Addario’s (amazingly organized and uncluttered) office in which he learned D’Addario’s mantra for time management and productivity – “Act on it, Assign it, or Dump it.” For every piece of mail in his inbox, e-mail received, or paper to come by his desk, D’Addario immediately performs one of those three actions.

Great advice for all of us. And here’s a picture of my desk to show just how badly I need to start following it. lyzy's messy desk

So, my post-NAMM resolution is to adopt this habit. Anybody else have their own method for cutting down the madness of an overcrowded inbox? Got a messy desk pic that can beat mine? Or a pristine one to serve as inspiration? Please share!