L2, a digital research firm, recently released a report on Instagram use. Instagram is a photo and video sharing app and, despite its reputation for being a selfie machine, Instagram presents opportunities for brands to connect with fans in a quick and meaningful way.

Posting to Instagram is simple: take your smartphone, point it at something interesting, and then apply a filter if necessary. The engagement rates in the app are pretty staggering. Out of 150 million active users, 57% go on Instagram on a daily basis and 35% visit Instagram multiple times a day. That’s lot of time that could be spent engaging with your brand.

But what exactly should a brand do on Instagram?

“The simple answer: create a connection between your brand and the people who use (or could use) your products” This can be done by sharing user submitted photos, taking users behind the scenes at your company, and by encouraging hashtag usage.

Fast Company has compiled a list of best practices for brands on Instagram. Read them here.

Fast Company: How the Most Successful Brands Dominate Instagram, and You Can Too

Published by Joey Lusterman

Joey Lusterman, Creative Director.