Violinist Lara St. John is putting a new emphasis on her media PR—so much so that the 43-year-old virtuoso is launching her own public relations firm.

Saying she’s become “disillusioned” with public-relations companies over the years, St. John announced this week the launch of her own agency, Lara PRa, which the Juno Award-winning musician will run with the help of associate Adrienne Lloyd.

St. John says she was inspired by the thought that it would be “ideal” if people could directly reach the person who knows the most about particular projects.

“Basically,” says St. John, “I think it’s time to take out the often-impractical middleman, [and] start writing press releases that folks actually want to read.”

This isn’t the first time the Canadian-born violinist has taken such matters into her own hands. In 2000, St. John founded her own record company, Ancalagon LLC, named after her pet iguana; she said at the time the move from larger recording companies allowed her greater control over the marketing and distribution of her music.

She’s still developing the branding for her new PR company, but jokes that the logo “will almost certainly involve a reptile.”

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