It’s going to be a renaissance year for Michael Kelly Guitars, as the Clearwater, Florida-based manufacturer is set to debut a new line of Renaissance guitars, gear designer Rick Turner’s brand of semi-hollow live-performance instruments.

The line will be made available in September and feature Turner’s acoustic D-TAR wavelength system, which combines a piezo pickup, a condenser mic, and 18-volt preamp to buff up the acoustic capabilities in a live setting.

Or, as Turner describes it at, the Renaissance guitars are built to sound “more acoustic when amplified than any true acoustic ever could.”

Turner, who some have called “the father of boutique guitars,” has been an innovator in the guitar-gear world since the 1960s—and his list of clients on his website is as big as a dreadnought: the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Crosby Still Nash & Young, and Lindsay Buckingham, among other notable performers.

The collaboration seems a natural fit for Michael Kelly Guitars, a company which promotes a motto of “boutique within reach.” The Kelly line of Renaissance instruments includes two guitars and a bass, all priced at $1,015.

The MKS6SB steel string acoustic guitar, comes with mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard, Okoume top and body, and a high-gloss sunburst finish. (The new MKB4SB, a Kelly-Renaissance four-string bass, comes in a similar design.)

The MKN6CN nylon string guitar features the same mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard and Okoume body as the steel string, but comes with a cedar top, and a high-gloss natural finish.