There’s a new power trio on the concert circuit—only this group isn’t singing for its supper, its singing to bring healthy suppers to needy families.

Bedell Guitars, the sustainability conscious acoustic-guitar company based in Bend, Oregon, announced this week a partnering with nonprofit Reverb in support of its BamaGreen Project, a food-drive program it conducts at Dave Matthews Band concerts.

Reverb, which was founded in 2004 with a mission to raise environmental awareness in the music industry, joined forces with Matthews in 2005 to launch BamaGreen, an effort to promote sustainability on the band’s tours. One of the project’s components is its Farm-to-Table program which seeks fan donations at Dave Matthews shows that fund the purchase of organic farm products for donation to local food banks.

Now Bedell is stepping up the “table,” as well, by donating two guitars to serve as grand prizes for those who participate in the Farm-to-Table program— a Coffee House Dreadnought and 1964 Dreadnought signed by Dave Matthews himself.

Through the first half of 2014, the program has already raised more than $77,000 to bring organics to the needy.

Tom Bedell, founder of Bedell Guitars, said the rock ‘n’ roll food drive fit right in line with his company’s priorities about sustainability.

“With the work that Reverb is doing… helping touring musicians minimize their impact on the environment, it was a natural and easy partnership to create,” said Bedell.