John Reed, cellist with the Hampton String Quartet and co-founder of Mona Lisa Sound publishing, recently unveiled the MusicJOT, an iPad app that permits the user to notate music just like they would if they were using a pencil and paper.

Reed introduced MusicJOT last week at the MyScript Future Write: Digital Writing Conference in San Francisco. The app is expected to be available in 2015. No price has been announced.

MusicJOT uses handwriting recognition technology that enables it to recognize most of the symbols used in music notation. In addition, an easy-to-use slide in/slide out palette lets the user employ keyboard strokes. There also is a full-featured audio playback function and onboard studio effects and mixing capabilities.

Each of the 16 palettes allows complex editing of multiple events simultaneously, allowing the user to make diatonic and chromatic transpositions, and to export to MusicXML or MIDI.–Greg Cahill