About 15 years ago, a pop duo known as Evan and Jaron, identical twins, rose up the charts with the infectious, hook-laden “Crazy for This Girl.” (Fans of Dawson Creek will surely remember this hit from its appearance in the cult TV show.) Unfortunately, the career of Evan and Jaron plateaued soon after this breakthrough, but Evan Lowenstein’s new career is a potential boon for all working musicians.

With help from investors such as Jimmy Buffett and Sean Parker (of Napster fame), Lowenstein created, a musician-friendly live-concert streaming site. A useful platform for artists at any career level, Stageit was named one of the “Top 10 Music Startups” by Billboard, and Fast Company called it one of the “Most Innovative Companies in Music.” Stageit offers a uniquely intimate experience for artists and fans alike, and takes social media interaction to a whole new level.

Stageit has already hosted nearly 12,000 shows and earned its contributing artists a combined $4 million in profits. Musicians can set their own “ticket” prices (including a pay-what-you-can option), and will take home 60 percent to 70 percent of the revenue they generate. The simple-to-use interface is a breeze for performer and audience, and best of all, the Stageit service is available to any artist who wants to stream a live performance. More than 25,000 artists have already taken advantage of the system, including Jon Bon Jovi, Tom Morello, Daryl Hall, Bonnie Raitt, and Jason Mraz.

Stageit offers only live performances—there is no recording or archiving included—and facilitates a truly interactive concert experience in which fans and artists can communicate in real time. The service also allows for easy monetization, through virtual ticket sales and tip jars. Whether you’re an internationally acclaimed superstar or just a “regular” guy or girl who wants to perform for friends and family, Stageit will satisfy your needs. All you need is a laptop and an Internet connection, and you’re good to go!