On the Cover

2015 Buyer’s Guide: The String Player’s Essential Directory of Shops, Makers, and Suppliers

Focus on Shopping Smart

  • Buying a Baroque Bow.
  • Buying a Step-up Instrument.
  • Philip Kass on What Drives Pricing in the Violin Trade.

Features and Departments

  • The Portland Cello Project: It all started with a friendly beer.
  • The never ending story of the Auryn Quartet.
  • The International House of Bridges: Belgian versus French.
  • Ask the Expert: Can a dead spot on a bow ever be repaired?
  • What’s in the Case: Ask Elizabeth Blumenstock, concertmaster of Philharmonia Baroque.
  • Bass educator Barry Green on why we make music.

Key Dates

  • Advertising reservations due by April 17, 2015
  • Advertising materials due by April 24, 2015
  • Issue on sale June 9, 2015