On the Cover

Neil Young*

Special Focus: Dreadnought Guitar Centennial

  • Martin Marks the Dreadnought Centennial

Features and Departments

  • Dave Van Ronk Retrospective.
  • Feature on Quiles and Cloud.
  • How to commission a custom guitar.
  • Shop Talk: Woodstock Invitational Guitar Show.
  • Kitbag: create your own Ed Sheeran sound.
  • Guitar Guru: bridges and saddles.
  • Gear Reviews: McElroy Guitars Generation 2.1, Breedlove Oregon Concert LTD, Fender Acoustic Pro and SFX Amps.

Key Dates

  • Advertising reservations due¬†by November 6, 2015
  • Advertising materials due by November 13, 2015
  • Issue on sale January 5, 2016


*subject to change
**for more information, please contact Cindi Kazarian