NIelsen ROAS SlideIndustry research leader Nielsen Catalina Solutions just analyzed 1,400 of the Sales Effect studies it has conducted for 450 consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands over the past 11 years to determine, among several metrics, how key advertising media contribute to return on ad spend (ROAS).

In other words, where do my advertising dollars go farthest?

These are the media platforms Nielsen studied:

  • Digital Display
  • TV
  • Mobile
  • Magazines
  • Digital Video
  • Cross-Media (more than one of these)

These are the categories of consumer packaged goods in the study:

  • Baby
  • Pet
  • Health & Beauty
  • General Merchandise
  • Food Beverage
  • Over-the-Counter (medicines)

These are the buckets in which brands in the study are categorized:

  • Marquee brands
  • Midsize brands
  • Infrequent use brands

And the envelope please ….

Magazines yield $3.94 for every $1.00 spent, making magazines the most efficient and effective of all media.  In fact, magazine outperform their nearest competitor, digital display, by 50%.

Magazines rank highest in all product categories except Baby and General Merchandise, where they rank a close second behind digital display.

At $5.94, magazine ROAS for marquee brands is 60% higher than that of the second-ranked medium.

At $3.82, magazine ROAS for midsize brands is actually higher than that of marquee brands for any other medium, as is magazine ROAS for infrequent use brands at $3.80.

In other words, magazines work better for all brands!

Review the complete study here.

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