Special Focus: The Pacific Rim

  • Sydney Strumming: the Ukulele scene in Sydney, Australia
  • The Wellington (NZ) Ukulele Orchestra
  • Why the Ukulele is so big in Japan, and several of Japan’s rising stars

Features and Departments

  • Del Rey: One of the ukulele’s most important players and teachers on the power of music
  • Survivor Girl Ukulele Band: A group in India is helping shape the lives of its members, who are survivors of human trafficking
  • Caroline Shaff: Louisiana’s New Uke Girl
  • Why I Uke: Bryan Tolentino – a secret weapon on many Hawaiian recordings
  • Club Uke: Heidi Swedberg visits two uke clubs that meet in British pubs
  • Uke News: Pictures from the Uke Geradaline Fest, our Kala Factory visit, and more
  • Gods of Uke: George Formby – a singer of risqué songs who was a favorite of Queen and The Beatles
  • Uke Basics: “Emotional Value of Chords” by Jim D’Ville; “Jam Etiquette” by Aaron Keim; “Transposing on the Fly” by Jumpin’ Jim Beloff
  • Mixed Media: New music from Danielle Ate the Sandwich and Jake Shimabukuro
  • Reso-Uke Roundup: 7 Brash ukes from Kala, National, Gold Tone, Gretsch, Radio King, Beltona, and Luna
  • Gear Reviews: Kala KA-SSTU-B baritone and Eden e-Uke amp; plus D’Addario tuner and uke humidification

Key Dates

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  • Advertising materials due by September 2, 2016
  • Issue on sale October 18, 2016


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