On the Cover

Nicola Benedetti

Special Focus: Summer Study Guide

  • Avaloch Farm Residency
  • Berklee World Music Camp
  • 7 Camps to Suit Your Lifestyle: Aspen, SCOR!, Kneisel Hall, Alasdair Fraser, Curtis Summerfest, Live Oak Fiddle Camp, Encore Music Projects; sidebar about Left Coast Ensemble’s Intersection program (winter study)

Features and Departments

  • Nicola Benedetti tours US and Canada with Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons
  • Juilliard Quartet Celebrates 70 years
  • Steve Reich turns 80 with a Carnegie affiliation and concert
  • Tales of the Trade: Timothy Johnson, the Baroque instrument maker
  • Your Instrument: Varnish
  • Main News Item: 5 Minutes with Joseph Polisi
  • What’s in the Case: Alasdair Fraser
  • Rep Prep: Brenda Brenner
  • On My Music Stand: Esther Woo
  • My Studio: Eric Coyne
  • For the Record: Robert Irvine UNICEF recording
  • Letter From: Julie Reed Yeboah exhibition and blind test

Key Dates

  • Advertising reservations due by December 23, 2016
  • Advertising materials due by January 5, 2017
  • Issue on sale February 14, 2017
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