Coming In The March 2017 Issue Of Drum:

Steven Drozd, Matt Duckworth & Nick Ley
The Drummers Of Flaming Lips



The Drummers Of Flaming Lips
Steven Drozd cuts drum tracks when Flaming Lips is in the studio, but plays guitar and keyboards on stage. We meet Drozd and the team that brings his big beats to live audiences.

Joey Baron
His work on jazz guitarist John Abercrombie’s new album was our excuse for this interview, but Baron’s career spans a crazy cross section from Dizzy Gillespie and John Zorn to David Bowie and Elvis Costello.

Six Sides Of Gadd
We sit down with the legend to drill deeply into six performances from his new live album, Way Back Home, with transcribed drum parts and running commentary from the master himself.

10 Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs
Don’t you wish you could warn every young drummer of all the common mistakes they should avoid? Well, that’s just what we did.

Aldo Mazza
Everything boils down to rhythm with the storied percussionist, clinician, member of acclaimed percussion ensemble Répercussion, and founder of the international KoSA workshops and festivals.

Building Blocks To Electronic Percussion
The electronic drum set wasn’t devised in one sitting. We trace the series of inventions, one-by-one in chronological order, which collectively enabled the creation of the e-kit.

Matt Kelly of Dropkick Murphys
Alex Lopez of Suicide Silence

Track By Track with Simon Kirke
The solid beat behind Bad Company and Free walks us through the highlights of his new solo album All Because Of You.

The ABCs Of Drumming
We identify five essential elements — single strokes, doubles, flams, buzz strokes, and accents — and show how they form the basis for everything you’ll ever play on the drums.

DW Collector’s Series Pure Purpleheart Kit
Istanbul Mehmet Jarrod Cagwin Cymbals

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