Coming In The June 2017 Issue Of Drum:

Special Recording Issue!

In The Studio With Brann Dailor & Mastodon
We poked around while Dailor cut drum tracks at The Quarry Studios in Atlanta, interviewing everyone in sight (including other bandmembers and the production team) while taking pictures of every microphone position and effects setting to find out exactly what it took to record Mastodon’s new album Empire Of Sand.


  • Drummer/Producer Roundtable:  Who better to comment on recording drums in the studio than three busy producers who also happen to be drummers? Tony Braunagel, Peter Bunnetta, and Roy Mayorga trade their secrets.
  • How To Prepare Drums For The Studio:  It’s just as important for your gear to be in fighting shape as it is to know the material you’re about to record. We provide a step-by-step primer to make you sound your best from the first note.
  • A Drummer’s Recording Glossary:  In order to help avoid sounding like first-timers, we list the terms you’ll need to know to communicate in the studio, and explain what they all mean.
  • Just The Stats: We surveyed drummers and producers separately to get a handle on how things work in the studio these days. The results were surprising.


  • The 2017 Snare Drum Gear Guide:  We once again compile the most thorough coverage of new snare drums to hit the market. Our specs, pricing, and analysis help our readers make the best choices when they go shopping for a new snare drum.


  • Arthur Lipner: We catch up with the renowned mallet maestro to talk about his film Talking Sticks, which documents the history, relationship to music and cultures, and manufacturing of the marimba and vibraphone.


  • Build Your Studio’s Sound Library:  Having a killer sound library assures that your programmed drum parts sound like the real deal. We suggest various options to suit different budgets, and make specific recommendations.


  • Matt Abts of Gov’t. Mule
  • Will Dorsey of Body Count


  • Tama Starclassic Bubinga
  • Crimson Tigerwood Fade Exotix Kit
  • TRX Air Cymbals

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