Coming In The January 2018 Issue Of Drum

Special Focus: Cajon Culture


  • Mona Tavakoli: The Los Angeles–based percussionist, singer, and music educator is well known for her artistry on the cajon, having brought the instrument into the realms of pop and rock through her longtime collaboration with Jason Mraz and her band, Raining Jane. She is also co-founder and co-director of Rock ’N’ Roll Camp For Girls Los Angeles, and designed a signature instrument called The MT Box.
  • History Of The Cajon: The cajon has long been a popular instrument in South American and Caribbean countries, and has found its way into Spanish flamenco and emerged in many styles of music in North America in recent years. Learn about its origins in Africa, how it developed and evolved over centuries, and about the cajon’s current leading practitioners and designs.
  • Cajon Accessory Roundup: Drum’s guide to the world of accessory products that have been specifically designed for use with the cajon — including brushes, blankets, seat cushions, beaters, and more — from leading manufacturers.
  • Getting Started On Cajon: This feature-length lesson introduces drummers, step by step, to an array of techniques for grooving on the cajon with the hands and feet in different musical genres.


  • Pump It Up: How to injury-proof your shoulders using a resistance band.
  • Drum Care: Ten tools to keep in your stick bag.


  • Mixing Tools And Techniques: Being successful at mixing a music project requires a familiarity with the tools most commonly used for this purpose — such as equalizers, compressors, and reverb units, whether hardware or software — as well as an understanding of how they will each affect your recorded tracks, so as not to overdo it.


  • Beyond The Boogaloo: Many young drummers play various permutations of this beat without even knowing it. We delve into its glories.


  • Dream Cymbals Roundup
  • Dunnett Res-O-Tone Drumheads
  • Axis Caliber Pedals

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