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On the Cover: 10-Day Immersion Into Metric Modulation

The percussion team from Musicians Institute takes on one of the most mysterious concepts known to drummers. Over the course of ten days, our readers will learn how to change the pulse rate of patterns using previous note values and groupings, with each lesson building on the last in intensity and complexity, and culminating in the ultimate final challenge!


  • When Drums Went Country: The stage at the Grand Old Opry had never been sullied by the presence of a drum kit until Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys showed up in 1944. Even then, the venue made drummer Monte Mountjoy set up behind the curtain, but the writing was on the wall. This is the story about how the kit not only was eventually allowed in front of the curtain, but also how it became an integral part of the country sound.
  • Guide To 2018 Drumming Camps: The best way to learn to swim is to dive into the pool. Drumming camps are the rhythmic equivalent for any student interested in learning the percussive arts. Here’s our complete list of camps, with details about the teachers, curriculum, prices, dates, and locations for 2018.
  • 10 Things To Never Do With Your Snare Drum: The centerpiece of every drum kit, your snare drum needs to be treated with kid gloves, no matter how many rimshots you’ve played on it. Here are ten common-sense ways to extend the lifespan of your prized possession.

Hand Drum

  • John Mahon: Elton John’s longtime percussionist describes his role in the pop icon’s band, which simply sounds like one of the sweetest gigs on Earth.


  • A Drummer’s Recording Glossary: In order to help avoid sounding like first-timers, we list the terms you’ll need to know to communicate in the studio, and explain what they all mean.


  • Grooving Without Cymbals: If you’ve ever played “Bo Diddley” you know what we’re talking about. Here are 41 ways to create infectious grooves without using an ounce of bronze.


  • John Convertino of Calexico
  • Sonny Emory


  • Craviotto Private Reserve & Johnny Craviotto Snare Drums
  • Matt Bettis River Of No Return Cymbals

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