Coming In The Summer 2018 Issue Of Drum

**This issue will receive bonus distribution at Summer NAMM, Chicago Drum Show, and Sweetwater GearFest**

On the Cover: Barry Kerch of Shinedown

The longtime drummer in the Jacksonville, Florida–based metal band makes it a point to serve the music and play for the song, keeping his parts simple and delivering only what is necessary to elevate a track. This approach served him well on the band’s latest release, Attention Attention. Kerch goes into detail about his musical upbringing and wide-ranging influences, and how they help him to cultivate optimal grooves and fills as the band develops a song. He also tells the stories behind the album sessions, and describes his attention to detail when it comes to creating his individual drum sound. Photo above by Sayre Berman.


  • When Chicago Was The Hub Of Drum Manufacturing: Before branching out to both coasts, some of the most familiar brands — including Ludwig, Leedy, and Slingerland — were originally headquartered in and around Chicago in the 1920s and ’30s. We trace the early competitive spirit that existed and innovations that were introduced in that era..
  • Snare Strainers From The 1920s and ’30s: A look back at an historic era in which drum companies competed to invent ever more ingenious throw-offs, some of which ventured into bizarre and occasionally impractical designs.


  • Jake Wood: The San Francisco Bay Area based drummer takes us behind the scenes for a close-up look at his gig as a percussionist for Hamilton: An American Musical.


  • Acoustic Versus Electronic Drums: A comparison of things you can do with an electronic kit that can’t be done on acoustics, and vice versa: things you can do with acoustic drums that can’t be done with electronics.


  • Workshop20 Ways To Add Space To Your Drumming.


  • Blake Richardson of the progressive metal band Between The Buried And Me
  • Georgia Hubley of Yo La Tengo


  • Yamaha EAD-10


  • DW Contemporary Classic Kit
  • Evans UV1 bass drum head


  • DW Low Pro kit
  • LP MT Box Cajon

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  • Issue on sale May 11, 2018

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