**This Issue Will Receive Bonus Distribution at Summer NAMM and the Sweetwater GearFest**

Special Focus: Buyer’s Guide

  • An Auction Buying Guide
  • A Bow Buying Guide

Features & Departments:

  • 5 Minutes with Laurie Niles
  • Letter From India: by violinist Cassandra Sotos
  • Lynn Harrell’s acting debut in ‘Cello’
  • Harlem Quartet
  • Einstein’s Violin
  • Tales of the Trade: Despiau Bridges
  • Your Instrument: The Importance of Pins
  • On My Music Stand: Francesca Dego
  • For the Record: Violinist Ezinma
  • Shop Talk: Ralph Ashmead

Key Dates:

  • Advertising reservations due by April 27, 2018
  • Advertising materials due by May 4, 2018
  • Issue on sale June 19, 2018
*subject to change