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Special Focus: The Learning Issue—Seeing the Big Picture

We delve into the skills acoustic guitarists should learn, but often neglect, in order to improve their musicianship on the whole—including how to find the right teacher, how to develop aural skills, and how specialized guitar notation works.


Features and Departments

  • The Beat: A report on Guitar Mash, which brings big-name stars and regular players together for large-scale jams and workshops
  • Guitar Talk: We check in with fingerstyle guitarist Peter Ciluzzi, who is also a trained luthier who showcases one of his own hand-made instruments at every show
  • A look at the Syracuse Guitar League, a “club” that meets monthly and invites players of all levels to bring their guitars and share their skills, stories, and tips with fellow players.
  • Get Heard: Pickup and onboard amplification overview including product info, plus advice on getting a good live tone at any volume
  • Woodshed: Muriel Anderson teaches her composition “Night Lights,” with its creative use of harp harmonics
  • Weekly Workout:  Sixth Sense – Adam Levy shows how to create sweet, stirring sounds by playing melodies in parallel sixths
  • Rhythmic Basics: Guitarist Gretchen Menn explains beats, meter, and more
  • Songs: Full-song transcriptions of Leo Kottke’s “The Ice Miner,” Muriel Anderson’s  “Night Lights,” and the classical favorite “Pachelbel’s Canon”
  • New Gear: Guild F-512 12-string, Ortega QUANTUMloop percussion stompbox, and Fender’s Fender Redondo Special and Malibu Classic acoustics reviewed


Key Dates

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  • Advertising materials due by May 18, 2018
  • Issue on sale July 3, 2018

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