On the Cover:

Get Ready to Perform! From getting ready for your very first stage performance to veteran pros, everyone needs to know these essential points that run from preparing for a gig to managing stage fright.


Features and Departments:

  • “Jumpin’ Jim” Beloff has helped to spread the word about the wonders of the ukulele, through his many books and countless workshops
  • James Hill offers advice on how ukulele festivals can grow and change to better meet the needs of today’s players
  • From performing to teaching, Ralph Shaw is Canada’s “King of the Ukulele”
  • Ralph Shaw’s lesson on nailing George Formby’s unique strumming style
  • An extensive list of ukulele events for the fall
  • Aaron Keim shows how to build a ukulele neck
  • A World War II-era uke with a fascinating backstory
  • Lessons from Jim D’Ville, Daniel Ward, songs to play, new gear reviewed, and more


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  • Issue on sale July 24, 2018
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