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On the Cover: Lutherie Shows

Custom guitar exhibitions are popping up all over these days. What are they, where are they, and why should you attend?


Special Focus: The Guitar in Spain

Many significant developments in guitar design and technique, and many important performers and composers, flourished in Spain during the past few centuries, but the story began many years—perhaps millennia—earlier. Music journalist Mark Small traces the guitar’s long and somewhat uncertain path to Spain, and its evolution since. Plus: a look at contemporary Spanish composers.


Features and Departments

  • Guitar Talk: Nashville-based fingerstyle wiz Steve Dawson talks about the creation of his latest instrumental release, Lucky Hand
  • Guitar Duos: AG editor at large Jeffrey Pepper Rogers goes deep on the subtle intricacies of guitar duos with input from Pharis and Jason Romero, Grant Gordy and Ross Martin, and Ryanhood
  • Safety First: A feature on cases, stands, humidifiers, and other guitar storage/display options
  • Woodshed: Adam Perlmutter takes you on an in-depth tour of ragtime guitar via Reverend Gary Davis’ “Buck Rag”
  • Fingerpicking Exercises: Borrowing etudes from the classical literature for a picking-hand workout on the steel-string
  • Rhythmic Basics, Part II: Guitarist Gretchen Menn further explains beats, meter, and more
  • Makers & Shakers: A visit with Todd Cambio of the Fraulini Guitar Co.
  • Songs: “Little Martha” by the Allman Bros.; “Buck Rag” by Reverend Gary Davis; and two Francisco Tárrega arrangements by Michael Chapdelaine: “Adelita” and “Lagrima”
  • New Gear: National T-14 Tricone resonator, Ortega QUANTUMloop percussion stompbox, Cordoba Mini II travel-size guitar, and D’Addario’s new String Height Gauge reviewed
  • Mixed Media: Reviews of new releases from the Milk Carton Kids, Eric Anderson, Altan, and more!


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  • Issue on sale August 7, 2018

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