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On the Cover: Exotic Wood Snares

What’s your favorite drum made out of? Whether you prefer metal shells, acrylic, fiberglass, wood, or something else, there are a variety of options in each material. We delve into some exotic wood snare options from some of the top drum builders, both large and small. Everything from the sound and hardness of the wood to the finish and look of the overall drum gets put under the microscope in this educational feature.


  • Drum talks with Steve Gadd about his new album and how he came to shape his recognizable sound. We also chat with those who have worked with Steve, who share anecdotes of those magical moments of inspiration in the studio and on tour.
  • Ryan Brown sheds light on his process of channeling the drummers of Frank Zappa, from Vinnie Colaiuta to Terry Bozzio to Chad Wackerman, and what it’s like playing the maestro’s catalog on the road with Frank’s son Dweezil. He’ll also give us transcriptions from each era of Frank Zappa, and discuss how to play in the style of each particular drummer.
  • The 2018 hardware roundup includes new cymbal stands, pedals and accessories with photos and descriptions.
  • We take a look at low volume cymbals in our feature roundup and discuss the different applications for each. Turns out they’re not just for apartment dwellers anymore.


  • Tabla Demystified


  • Workshop: How sloppiness can be a good thing with the Dragbeat


  • Georgia Hubley of Yo La Tengo
  • Young Jazzer Kush Abadey
  • Travis Foster of Yob


  • Paiste Master’s Collection
  • Natal Café Racer ‘59


  • British Drum Company Legend Series
  • Coopergroove Drumsticks

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