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On the Cover: Adam Deitch (The FUNK Issue) 

As drummer for one of America’s premier funk festival bands, Lettuce, Adam Deitch knows what it takes to get a crowd moving. He’s not only one of the funkiest beatmakers in the land, but a multi-talented, Berklee-trained musician with a musical family and über-talented bandmates. Now he’s laser focused on Lettuce as the band ramps up for a North American tour in support of their trippy Miles Davis tribute album, Witches Stew.



  • Our “Funky Five” (Chad Smith, Bernard Purdie, Dennis Chambers, Adam Deitch, and Stanton Moore) discuss funk music today in our State Of The Funk round table. Just what is funk music these days, anyway? And what, exactly, makes something funky? And what was their funkiest moment ever?
  • The Drummies! results are in. Here are this year’s winners and runners up in our annual gear awards readers poll.
  • What does titanium sound like? 14K gold? Antique railway steel? We dive into just what makes Exotic Metal Snares so unique with profiles of eight unique snares of different metals to explore their sonic characteristics.
  • You’ve got the perfect parts, now find out How To Keep Your Gear In Top Shape with this helpful guide.


  • Jamey Haddad


  • Workshop: Funk essentials from beginner to advanced


  • Alan Evans of Soulive
  • Sam Fogarino of Interpol
  • Sean Kinney of Alice In Chains


  • Ludwig Neusonic drum kit
  • Crescent cymbals


  • Roland TD17 KVX


  • Yamaha Crosstown lightweight hardware

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(Joshua Timmermans Photo)