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On the Cover: Todd Sucherman

For the past 24 years, Todd Sucherman has been the powerhouse behind the kit for Styx. He’s also a highly popular clinician and creator of two of the most well-respected educational DVDs, Methods And Mechanics I and II. In our story, he talks about where his inspiration for drumming comes from, gives some pointers for drummers of all skill levels, and tells the story of the moment he truly felt he became a member of Styx.



  • Take a deep dive into The Beatles’ with our list of Ringo Starr’s Top 10 Recorded Moments, and erase any possible doubt in your mind that Ringo was one of the best drummers ever to hold a pair of sticks.
  • What does titanium sound like? 14K gold? Antique railway steel? We dive into just what makes Exotic Metal Snares so unique with profiles of eight unique snares of different metals to explore their sonic characteristics.
  • Why do we so often lock ourselves into just one size of drumsticks? There’s no law against trying different styles, and our drumstick roundup might convince you that a new pair could improve your drumming more than you think.


  • Jamey Haddad talks about his work with Paul Simon and inventing his own instruments


  • Workshop: Improve Your Improv


  • Greta Van Fleet’s Danny Wagner
  • Dave Lombardo joins forces with Suicidal Tendencies
  • Jojo Mayer on Nerve’s acoustic jazz album


  • Sugar Percussion’s African mahogany concert kit
  • Cymbal & Gong’s Bonham-inspired Janavar series


  • Sensory Percussion reinvents the idea of drum triggers


  • Soundbrenner’s wearable vibrating metronome


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