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Special Focus: Western Swing!

From Hank Thompson to Speedy West to Bob Wilis and his Texas Playboys, Whit Smith takes an insider’s look at the development of Western Swing, with an emphasis on the key originators, the gear, and the keepers of the flame. Plus: Add some Western Swing to your repertoire with a lesson on the chordal and melodic moves that define this up-tempo cousin of country music.


Features and Departments

  • Yasmin Williams: The 22-year-old Northern Virginia-based guitarist talks about her unorthodox approach to the instrument, as well as the tools of her trade.
  • Joan Baez: Editor at Large Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers breaks down the folk icon’s winning guitar style, with musical examples based on a cross section of her work throughout the decades.
  • Choosing and Using Capos: A close-up look at capos and how they work, the companies and entrepreneurs who make them, the inspiration behind their design, and the factors to consider when choosing one
  • Woodshed: Adam Perlmutter teaches you how to play a fingerstyle arrangement of the decidedly non-raggy Western Swing classic “Panhandle Rag”
  • Weekly Workout: Jamie Stillway delivers an all-purpose lesson on capo use, from transposing cowboy chords to employing partial capos
  • The Basics: Gretchen Menn on how to build chords and use them in progression
  • Makers & Shakers: Vintage guitar guru George Gruhn talks shop
  • Songs: Acoustic Classics: Phil Ochs’ “There But for Fortune,” and George Harrison’s “If I Needed Someone;” World Premiere: “New Beginnings” by Yasmin Williams; Pickin’: “Black Mountain Rag;” Campfire: “Streets of Laredo;” Plus: “Copeland’s Fancy,” a new blues tune from Steve James
  • New Gear: Farida OT-65 and OT-25 acoustics, Fender American Acoustasonic Telecaster, GrooveTech Tools Guitar Player Tech Kit, and more
  • Reviews: We check out new releases from Steve James, the Honey Dewdrops, Scott Tennant, and more


Key Dates

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  • Issue on sale April 2, 2019

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