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On the Cover: Mike Portnoy

The career of prog rock master Mike Portnoy has taken him around the world and back again. Whether with Dream Theater, Transatlantic, Neal Morse Band, filling in for Stone Sour in front of 100,000 fans, or cruising with thousands of prog heads in international waters, he’s seen his fare share of incredible venues and here he shares his favorite experiences.


  • Tribute to the legendary Hal Blaine, who passed away at age 90 in March
  • Photo essay of what it’s like to be a working drummer in Nashville
  • Catching up with Stanton Moore after Mardi Gras
  • Tone controller roundup tests dozens of different products
  • Whether it’s a tour or a fly-out gig, learn the best ways to travel with gear.


  • Sheila E. takes on politics in America on her new album


  • Displacements are that extra spice that can make a beat so nice


  • Matt Halpern and Periphery get epic with newfound freedom on their new album
  • Allison Miller adds worldly flavor to her jazzy compositions with Boom Tic Boom
  • Logan Kroeber bring African tradition to indie rock with The Dodos


  • Zildjian FX stacks add versatile voices to many styles
  • Yamaha’s quartet of new snares


  • Roland makes hybridizing simple with the new TM-1 add-on


  • INDe Drum Lab’s sparkly and resilient RESOarmor drums


  • Stanton Moore funk technique
  • Danny Gottlieb soloing in jazz style
  • Anika Nilles’ shuffle-inspired snare warm-ups
  • Glen Sobel hard rock technique
  • Brian Andres getting comfortable with clave on drum set
  • Matt Byrne metal drumming techniques


  • There’s a lot to see but we whittled it down to 101 Pieces Of Gear From NAMM
  • Kelli Scott on Failure’s new album
  • Who owns the band name when a member leaves?
  • The tuning problem you’re probably overlooking
  • And more!

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