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Special Focus: Slide Guitar in Many Styles

Slide guitar possibilities don’t end with the blues. We shine the spotlight on musicians who play slide in different styles ranging from traditional blues to jazz to Hindustani and beyond: Ross Hammond, Debashish Bhattacharya, Harry Manx, Marisa Anderson, Steve Dawson, and more.

Features and Departments

  • Alex de Grassi and Andrew York: The two noted guitarists discuss their collaboration recording, performing, conducting an annual workshop, and incorporating guitar in a popular regional musical festival.
  • Richard Thompson: Guitarist-journalist Mac Randall examines some of the great English singer-songwriter’s best acoustic moments, as heard on “A Heart Needs a Home,” “1952 Vincent Black Lightning,” “Beeswing,” and other songs.
  • The Kingston Trio: Longtime Martin archivist Dick Boak details the huge impact that the Kingston Trio, with their polished repertoire of folk- and calypso-derived songs, clean vocal harmonies, and clean-cut college boy stage personae, had on American culture, popular music, and instrument sales and innovations.
  • Modern Learning Tools and Apps:  A survey of the apps, software, and websites that serve as viable alternatives to traditional music lessons for acoustic guitarists.
  • Woodshed: Mimi Fox teaches her breathtaking fingerstyle arrangement of “America the Beautiful”
  • Weekly Workout:  Roots and blues guitarist Pete Madsen gives a comprehensive slide lesson designed to get players comfortable playing bottleneck on the acoustic guitar. 
  • The Basics: Educator extraordinaire Fred Sokolow on minor pentatonic scale work in almost any soloing situation
  • Makers & Shakers: Tony Klassen discusses his vintage-inspired New Era Guitars
  • Songs: Acoustic Classics: Richard Thompson’s “She Twists the Knife Again,” and Robert Johnson’s “I Believe I’ll Dust My Broom;” Woodshed: “America the Beautiful;” World Premiere: “Solitudes” by Kinloch Nelson; Pickin’: “Black Mountain Rag;” Campfire: “Tom Dooley;” Plus: “Let the Guitar Do the Talkin’,” a new song from Joe Robinson
  • New Gear: Reviews of the Martin Modern Deluxe, Iris Guitar Company OG, Palmer Acoustic Pocket Amp, and MagSlide magnesium slide
  • Reviews: New releases from Tommy Emmanuel & John Knowles, Joe Robinson, Marley’s Ghost, Mimi Fox, Hayes Carll, Andrew Collins Trio, and more
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