Special Focus: Top Gear of 2019

The AG editors look back on the year in gear, focusing on trends and technology. 

On the Cover: Molly Tuttle

The modern bluegrass guitarist and singer-songwriter Molly Tuttle gives an exclusive lesson on the techniques behind her picking prowess. Plus, a full transcription of Tuttle’s instrumental “Super Moon.”

Features and Departments

  • Jason Vieaux: The classical guitarist discusses his versatile approach to the instrument and its repertoire
  • Personal Inlays: Performing guitarists have often customized their stage guitars with inlays and decorations. We hear the stories behind these artistic touches, meet the collaborators, and learn how such instruments outlive their original owners
  • British Fingerstyle: A historical survey of the genre, from the work of pioneers like Davey Graham and Martin Carthy to modern players like Sam Carter and Laura Marling
  • Guitar Talk with Roger Bucknall, founder of England’s Fylde Guitars
  • Woodshed: Tackling Jelly Roll Morton’s “The Pearls” on guitar
  • The Basics: Michael Chapdelaine kicks of a new series in which he gives insights into the technique, repertoire, and mindfulness of playing classical guitar and how it can improve your steel-string playing
  • Photographing Guitars: Practical tips for capturing images of your guitars, whether for personal pleasure or selling online
  • Ask the Expert: Martin Keith gives a primer on nylon strings
  • Makers & Shakers: A visit with nylon-string luthier Stephan Connor, whose clients include such esteemed players as Scott Tennant and Elliot Fisk
  • Songs
    • “Fire and Rain” – James Taylor’s classic
    • “The Earle of Salisbury” – John Renbourn’s arrangement of a Renaissance keyboard piece
    • “The Pearls” – Dave Van Ronk’s ragtime arrangement of a tune by Jelly Roll Morton
    • “Super Moon” – A Molly Tuttle flatpicking instrumental
    • “The Little Drummer Boy” – Bryan Sutton’s take on the Christmas classic
    • “Deck the Halls” – Learn a campfire-friendly holiday song
    • “Prelude 1” – A classical etude from Ferdinando Carulli’s 24 Preludes, Opus 114
  • New Gear: Yamaha CG-TA TransAcoustic guitar, AER Monte Montgomery Signature and Compact 60 amps, B&G Guitars Caletta, L.R. Baggs Align Series Chorus and Delay pedals
  • Reviews: recent album releases from Rob Ickes

Key Dates

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  • Advertising materials due by October 18, 2019
  • Issue on sale December 3, 2019

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