Special Focus: Education Guide

Features & Departments:

  • Feature: Major Arts Organizations in the Midst of COVID: Planning the Season
  • Feature: Cellist Thomas Mesa Tackles a Host of New Commissions
  • Feature: Violin Makers Investigating New, Sustainable Materials
  • Feature: Niel Gow’s Enduring Influence on Scottish Fiddling
  • Special Section: Education Guide
  • How Are College Music Programs Handling the 2020–21 School Year?
  • What It’s Like to Play on a Horror-Movie Soundtrack
  • Adopt Better Practice Habits
  • Learning from Home? Here’s What You Might Need
  • Meet David Bonsey: Maker, consultant, and on Antiques Roadshow

Key Dates:

  • Advertising reservations due by July 17, 2020
  • Advertising materials due by July 24, 2020
  • Issue on sale September 8, 2020

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