Special Focus: Contemporary Instruments & Bows

Features & Departments:

  • Special Section: Focus on Contemporary Instruments & Bows
  • Feature: A String Player’s Guide to the Music of Philip Glass
  • Feature: Teaching Cello Using Metaphor
  • Feature: Bassist Toby Hughes’ Upcoming Album
  • Feature: Rachel Podger Records Some (Recently Completed) Mozart Sonatas
  • Anne Akiko Meyers Tackles New Corigliano Cadenzas for the Beethoven Concerto
  • How to Host an Outdoor Chamber Concert
  • Francesca Dego on Playing Paganini’s “Cannon” 
  • The Power of Practicing in 10ths
  • Renaud Capuçon’s Elgar Release

Key Dates:

  • Advertising reservations due by March 5, 2021
  • Advertising materials due by March 12, 2021
  • Issue on sale May 4, 2021

**subject to change