Emotions & Market Forces: An inside look at the factors that can affect the value of old & new violins

News stories about jaw-dropping prices of old Cremonese violins are nothing new. But despite their regular appearance in the press, few people really understand just what causes the existence and support of these prices in the violin marketplace. The answers are found in fields quite different from music: the liberal arts, and particularly, economics. First, […]

Gibson Acquires HarmonyCentral.com

For the past two decades, HarmonyCentral.com has been one of the most popular Internet resources for practicing guitarists. Thanks to its wide-ranging collection of crowd-sourced gear reviews, industry news, classified ads, and forums, the site has built a diverse and devoted online community, with hundreds of thousands of registered users to its credit. About ten […]

Martin Promotes Theresa Hoffman to International Sales Manager

C.F. Martin & Co.’s Theresa Hoffman has been promoted to International Sales Manager, and the longtime Martin employee will be focusing on global customer satisfaction, product sales growth, and brand management. Since joining the company in 2001, Hoffman has worked as a manufacturing operator, quality assurance technician, and engineering product manager. She spent her first three and a […]

Live Concert Streaming Service Takes Off

About 15 years ago, a pop duo known as Evan and Jaron, identical twins, rose up the charts with the infectious, hook-laden “Crazy for This Girl.” (Fans of Dawson Creek will surely remember this hit from its appearance in the cult TV show.) Unfortunately, the career of Evan and Jaron plateaued soon after this breakthrough, […]

FAA Issues Long-awaited Travel Guidelines for Musicians

Airline travel can make people want to pull out their hair even under the best of circumstances, but it can be nothing less than traumatizing for musicians afraid of damaging a valuable instrument. Now, thanks to new rules set to take effect March 6, string musicians can feel more secure and protected when traveling with […]

A Lifetime of Service

John D’Addario Jr., vice chairman of D’Addario & Co., recently picked up a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Koblenz International Guitar Festival in Germany on behalf of himself, the company, and the D’Addario Foundation for their dedication to promoting the classical guitar. The foundation grants have included funding for an Elena Papandreou master class at […]