COVID-19 & Stringletter Media

As of March 16, 2020, staff at Stringletter Media are working from home. Our business hours remain unchanged and you can reach us as you normally would Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm. Our production schedules also remain unchanged. The May/June issue of Acoustic Guitar is on its way to subscribers now. […]

Classical Guitar Magazine Summer 2019 Issue Preview

**This issue will receive bonus distribution at Summer NAMM, GFA, Sweetwater GearFest** Special Focus: Guitar ‘Methods’ Aaron Shearer: An appreciation of the ‘Father of American Classical Guitar Education’ on the centenary of his birthGraham Wade on the history of methods, from the Renaissance to the presentCG readers reveal which methods and etudes have been most helpful […]

The Results Are In – 2018 Acoustic Guitar Audience Study

We recently reached out to Acoustic Guitar audience members through e-mail and social media to ask them about their musical activities, related media consumption, shopping habits, and other demographics. More than 3,500 guitarists completed the survey. Our audience members are researching and planning their next gear purchases right now — are they considering your products? […]

Comments Can Help Make or Break a Community

Yesterday, reported on why some publishers are no longer supporting comments on articles, what others are doing to moderate and mediate, and how, for some, comments can be used to foster community and boost engagement. It’s an interesting read. We did away with comments sections on, because they were being used to ask […]