Acoustic Guitar Magazine September/October 2020 Issue Preview

Special Issue: 30th Anniversary Retrospective Culled from AG’s deep archives, this collector’s issue celebrates 30 years of the magazine, with a focus on legendary players across a variety of genres. As usual, the issue will include lesson content for all players, and will also reprint some of the most popular songs that AG has run, most with updated […]

Strings Magazine July/August 2020 Issue Preview

Special Focus: Buyers Guide Features & Departments Feature: The Legacy of Isaac SternFeature: Laura Cortese and the Dance Cards Tap into a New SoundFeature: Niel Gow’s Enduring Influence on Scottish FiddlingFeature: Akademie fur Alte Musik Berlin Releases Recording of Handel’s Concerti grossiSpecial Section: Buyer’s GuideOn My Music Stand: Elena Urioste’s COVID-19 Recording ProjectA Guide to Mantuan MakersStage […]

Ukulele Magazine Fall 2020 Issue Preview

Special Focus: Ukulele in the Time of the Virus Heidi Swedberg surveys the ukulele scene to see how the coronavirus pandemic has affected uke concerts, clubs, workshops, and other facets of our musical world. Features and Departments Blues Lesson: Daniel Ward talks about mastering hammer-ons and pull-offs on the ukulele.Cowboy Ukuleles: Another fascinating uke history lesson […]

Strings Magazine May/June 2020 Issue Preview

Special Focus: Contemporary Instruments & Bows Features & Departments Feature: The Rise of the Contemporary American ComposerFeature: Violinist Lara St. John Tackles the Franck and Kreutzer SonatasFeature: Top Players Offer Tips on Keeping Kids Engaged with MusicFeature: Who Was Sevcik, and Why Do We Still Use His Exercises?Special Section: Contemporary Instruments and BowsYour Instrument: Picking a Cello Endpin StopperStage & […]