Acoustic Guitar Magazine May/June 2020 Issue Preview

Special Focus: The Blues Revival Steve James, Rory Block, and others reflect on their formative years through the 1960s blues revival On the Cover: Reverend Gary Davis Blues guitarist and educator Ernie Hawkins gives a comprehensive overview of the stylings of Reverend Gary Davis Features, Lessons & Departments Personal Inlays: From no-frills artist names and […]

Strings Magazine March/April 2020 Issue Preview

Special Focus: Summer Adventure Features & Departments Feature: The Importance of Beethoven 250Feature: Augustin Hadelich’s New Recording of Czech MusicFeature: Louis Michot and the Heart of Cajun MusicSpecial Section: Celebrating String Adventure!Your Instrument: The Story on Soundpost CracksStage & Studio: The Life of a Freelance MusicianFor the Record: Luka Sulic’s 4 SeasonsRep Prep: Popper’s Gavotte in […]

Acoustic Guitar Magazine March/April 2020 Issue Preview

Special Focus: Beyond Flattops An exploration of resonator, baritone, and archtop guitars: what they are, who makes them, who plays them, and why On the Cover: How I Learned to Make Guitars Eight modern luthiers—steel- and nylon-string and archtop makers—talk about their origins and more Features and Departments Guitar Talk with Antoine Boyer, the young jazz […]

Strings Magazine January/February 2020 Issue Preview

Special Focus: Adult Amateurs Adult Amateur String Players on their Musical Lives Features & Departments 5 Minutes with violist Richard O’Neill, newest member of the Takacs QuartetFeature: Considering the Impact of the Grammy AwardsFeature: Approaching the Auction MarketFeature: The Lasting Legacy of Jeno Hubay’s Teaching StudioWhat’s in the Case: Ursula Sarthein’s StradYour Instrument: Things Your Repair Person Has Heard a Million TimesStage […]