About Strings



Founded in 1986, Strings is the only North American media brand dedicated to serving players, teachers, and enthusiasts of the violin, viola, cello, bass, and fiddle.

Strings is unique in covering the entire spectrum of music in which bowed strings play a role, from early and classical music to jazz and rock and myriad traditional styles of both western and eastern cultures.

Strings takes a similar approach to its coverage of lutherie, giving equal attention to contemporary makers as well as the icons of the past, while serving the needs and interests of players at every budget.

Known for its service to string teachers through its monthly Teen Strings supplement, Strings also awards the annual Edith Eisler Scholarship to a promising undergraduate music education major and helps sustain the vital work of the National String Project Consortium.

And Strings contributes to the vitality of the entire music community through memberships, board participation, and strategic partnerships with groups like ASTA, VSA, AFVBM, AVS, ISB, NAMM, and other trade and educator associations.

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