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The team at Classical Guitar wants to make a big contribution to meeting your sales, branding, and communication goals.  Here are a few ways we can help.

Sponsored content:  Our audience wants to know all about you, your products, your brands, your artists, and your back story.  Share your stories directly with them on your own schedule, at your own pace, in your own words, across all media platforms.

Classical Guitar Sponsored Content Overview

Classical Guitar Sponsored Content Print Templates

Display advertising: Build brand awareness … launch new products, services, and events … generate leads … support your supply chain partners … make direct sales … We’ll help you design the display campaign to meet your objectives, integrating print, web, and e-news for maximum impact.

Classical Guitar Web Display Examples

Sponsorships:  We bring the content, you share the spotlight.  Whether we’re sharing video performances by established artists or recent competition winners … engaging our audience members in a poll or survey … or breaking news at a festival, trade show, or other event … your brand can be front and center.

Media partnerships: If you produce your own classical guitar event, please inquire about how to partner with us for maximum reach and exposure.

Classical Guitar Event Partnership Overview

Lead generation: Showcase your products in a Classical Guitar Giveaway and reap a harvest of fresh consumer leads.

Classical Guitar Giveaway Overview

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