Acoustic Guitar Magazine January/February 2021 Issue Preview

Special Focus: The Year in Gear AG’s annual survey of the best new guitars and accessories introduced in 2020  On the Cover: Ben Harper  Catching up with the singer-songwriter, who recorded his latest album, Winter Is for Lovers, using a one-of-a-kind Monteleone lap steel Features, Lessons & Departments Guitar Talk: British singer-songwriter Lianne Le Havas on the role […]

Acoustic Guitar Magazine November/December 2020 Issue Preview

**Andreas Lawen Photo Special Focus: Acoustic Guitar in the Time of COVID-19 Readers—amateurs, professionals, and teachers among them—weigh in on their musical experiences during the global pandemic. On the Cover: Al Di Meola  Ali Di Meola opens up about his new album of Beatles tunes, uncovering more of the magic he made with John McLaughlin […]

Acoustic Guitar Magazine September/October 2020 Issue Preview

Special Issue: 30th Anniversary Retrospective Culled from AG’s deep archives, this collector’s issue celebrates 30 years of the magazine, with a focus on legendary players across a variety of genres. As usual, the issue will include lesson content for all players, and will also reprint some of the most popular songs that AG has run, most with updated […]

Acoustic Guitar Magazine May/June 2020 Issue Preview

Special Focus: The Blues Revival Steve James, Rory Block, and others reflect on their formative years through the 1960s blues revival On the Cover: Reverend Gary Davis Blues guitarist and educator Ernie Hawkins gives a comprehensive overview of the stylings of Reverend Gary Davis Features, Lessons & Departments Personal Inlays: From no-frills artist names and […]

Acoustic Guitar Magazine March/April 2020 Issue Preview

Special Focus: Beyond Flattops An exploration of resonator, baritone, and archtop guitars: what they are, who makes them, who plays them, and why On the Cover: How I Learned to Make Guitars Eight modern luthiers—steel- and nylon-string and archtop makers—talk about their origins and more Features and Departments Guitar Talk with Antoine Boyer, the young jazz […]