COVID-19 & Stringletter Media

As of March 16, 2020, staff at Stringletter Media are working from home. Our business hours remain unchanged and you can reach us as you normally would Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm. Our production schedules also remain unchanged. The May/June issue of Acoustic Guitar is on its way to subscribers now. […]

Strings Magazine May/June 2020 Issue Preview

Special Focus: Contemporary Instruments & Bows Features & Departments Feature: The Rise of the Contemporary American ComposerFeature: Violinist Lara St. John Tackles the Franck and Kreutzer SonatasFeature: Top Players Offer Tips on Keeping Kids Engaged with MusicFeature: Who Was Sevcik, and Why Do We Still Use His Exercises?Special Section: Contemporary Instruments and BowsYour Instrument: Picking a Cello Endpin StopperStage & […]

Acoustic Guitar Magazine May/June 2020 Issue Preview

Special Focus: The Blues Revival Steve James, Rory Block, and others reflect on their formative years through the 1960s blues revival On the Cover: Reverend Gary Davis Blues guitarist and educator Ernie Hawkins gives a comprehensive overview of the stylings of Reverend Gary Davis Features, Lessons & Departments Personal Inlays: From no-frills artist names and […]

Strings Magazine March/April 2020 Issue Preview

Special Focus: Summer Adventure Features & Departments Feature: The Importance of Beethoven 250Feature: Augustin Hadelich’s New Recording of Czech MusicFeature: Louis Michot and the Heart of Cajun MusicSpecial Section: Celebrating String Adventure!Your Instrument: The Story on Soundpost CracksStage & Studio: The Life of a Freelance MusicianFor the Record: Luka Sulic’s 4 SeasonsRep Prep: Popper’s Gavotte in […]