Ukulele Magazine Spring 2018 Issue Preview

**Bonus Distribution at 2018 Winter NAMM, ASTA, Palm Strings Uke Fest, Reno Ukulele Festival!** Special Focus: Strings & Accessories Accessories are Necessities: String basics, what’s up with the different kinds of strings and what’s new? Plus, a look at some of the pieces of gear that can help make playing ukulele fabulous. The amazing design […]

Ukulele Magazine Winter 2017 Issue Preview

Special Focus: The Future of Uke On The Cover: Led Kaapana Features and Departments Cultivating the next generation of ukulele players, by Heidi Swedberg Shop Visit to Ruby’s Ukes News Roundup Club Uke: Jumpin’ Jim Beloff visits Madeira, the ukulele’s ancestral home Uke Basics: Jim D’Ville teaches you how to use lyrics as musical signposts; Daniel Ward […]

Ukulele Magazine Fall 2017 Issue Preview

Special Focus: Tiki Time! **Bonus Distribution At 2017 Summer NAMM!** Features and Departments Tiki history with Sven Kirsten, a leading expert Tiki-Exotica music lesson Iz: 20 Years Later, a look at his life and legacy Iz Music lesson Ka Nika Pila: Steven Espaniola’s tips for playing the traditional Hawaiian jam session Club Uke: Heidi Swedberg covers Lansing, […]

Ukulele Magazine Summer 2017 Issue Preview

Special Focus: Summer Uke-Phoria! Experts Weigh In: What Makes a Good Ukulele Festival? Features and Departments Martin Ukes at 100: Celebrating a Centennial Aidan James, a 15-year-old looping phenom Why I Uke: Herb Ohta Jr Club Uke: Lansing, Michigan, by Heidi Swedberg Uke News: News Roundup Daniel Ward’s meditative right-hand exercise; baritone basics from Jim […]

Ukulele Magazine Winter 2016 Issue Preview

Special Focus: The Pacific Rim Sydney Strumming: the Ukulele scene in Sydney, Australia The Wellington (NZ) Ukulele Orchestra Why the Ukulele is so big in Japan, and several of Japan’s rising stars Features and Departments Del Rey: One of the ukulele’s most important players and teachers on the power of music Survivor Girl Ukulele Band: […]