Live Concert Streaming Service Takes Off

About 15 years ago, a pop duo known as Evan and Jaron, identical twins, rose up the charts with the infectious, hook-laden “Crazy for This Girl.” (Fans of Dawson Creek will surely remember this hit from its appearance in the cult TV show.) Unfortunately, the career of Evan and Jaron plateaued soon after this breakthrough, […]

Ukulele Magazine Summer 2015 Issue Preview

On the Cover Sylvie Simmons: Esteemed rock journalist releases a stunning uke-based album. Focus on “Get out and Play!” Summer Camp: How to choose a uke camp that’s right for you. How to Entertain the Old Folks. Kid Friendly: Introducing the uke to your children. Features and Departments Cowboy Sid Hausman: The uke plays Western […]

FAA Issues Long-awaited Travel Guidelines for Musicians

Airline travel can make people want to pull out their hair even under the best of circumstances, but it can be nothing less than traumatizing for musicians afraid of damaging a valuable instrument. Now, thanks to new rules set to take effect March 6, string musicians can feel more secure and protected when traveling with […]

Schoenhut ‘Toys’ with High-Quality Ukes for the Little Ones

Is there room for a high-quality “toy” ukulele on the kid-instrument playground? One leading music-for-moppets manufacturer seems to think so. Schoenhut Piano Company, the renowned designer of wooden toy pianos, has produced its first toy ukulele since partnering in 2012 with Magic Fluke, the uke company whose easy-to-play Flea Ukulele line has ridden the ukulele-buying […]

Blackbird Releases an Eco-Friendly Uke

It’s the sweet sound of sustainability. Blackbird Guitars has launched a new eco-friendly uke model. In November, the San Francisco-based instrument manufacturer introduced the Clara, a concert-sized ukulele made from Ekoa, a plant-fiber composite that looks like real wood.  According to the company, Ekoa is “a proprietary, first-of-its-kind, renewable, plant-based material that provides the warm […]