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Founded in 1990, Acoustic Guitar is the only North American media brand dedicated to serving acoustic players and enthusiasts across a variety of channels and platforms.

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Through top-quality reporting, writing, photography, and videography, Acoustic Guitar celebrates the people, gear, events, and trends that make acoustic music so vital to popular culture and helps everyone see how easy and enjoyable it is to make their own music on the guitar.

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Acoustic Guitar debuted in time to cover the launch of MTV Unplugged and chronicle the phenomenon that transformed modern rock and roll … helped fuel the rise of the new American luthier … spotlighted the acoustic boom spurred by the Coen Brothers’ “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” … heralded the surge of string bands … and keeps tracking the scene with unparalleled focus and dedication.

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Programs like the Player’s Choice Awards, the Acoustic Café, and Acoustic Guitar Sessions use the power of print, digital, mobile, social, and live events to help create new music makers and showcase the power of music making.

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And Acoustic Guitar contributes to the vitality of the entire music community through memberships, board participation, and strategic partnerships with groups like NAMM, GAMA, ASTA, GFA, ASIA, and other trade and educator associations.

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