Our Audience Lives and Breathes Guitars



The worldwide Acoustic Guitar audience is affluent, acquisitive, influential, and active. Playing the guitar is their profession or their passion, and they are eager for information about products and services that serve their interest in making music.

They own and play flat-tops, acoustic-electrics, electrics, nylon-strings, archtops, and resonators, along with mandolins, ukuleles, banjos, and other instruments. They frequently record, perform, study, and share music with others.

They are overwhelmingly college graduates, enjoy six-figure annual household incomes, and own their own homes. They shop with independent music stores, chain stores, web stores, and directly with makers.

Advertising in Acoustic Guitar motivates them to purchase products, visit websites, and shop with online retailers. They connect with Acoustic Guitar on multiple media platforms, including print, tablet, web, e-news, and social channels.

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Acoustic Guitar Audience Demographics and Activities

Acoustic Guitar Audience Ownership and Purchase Intent

Acoustic Guitar Audience Media Usage and Influence

Acoustic Guitar Metrics (as of December 2015)

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